When did you start dating?
November 2005

How long have you been engaged?
Since November 2011

What’s your favorite TV show?
Game Of Thrones.
Gilmore Girls.

What’s your favorite color?
Jason – Blue.
Chelsey – Red.
Sebastian – Orange.

Sebastians favorite toy?
Cars, Trucks, Tractors.
Anything that can move, really.

Jason’s favorite second son?
The Kubota BX25D Tractor.

Sebastian’s Favorite Brother?
See answer for previous question.

Favorite grocery store?

Next home improvement project?
Replacing the 20 year old deck.

How is Sebastian doing?
He is a two year old with the stubbornness of both Jason and Chelsey…

Favorite Movies?
Harry Potter.

Favorite cities?
San Diego, California.
Austin, Texas.

Jason – ‘Chip’
Sebastian – ‘Bash’
Chelsey – To most people, ‘Chels’. To others, ‘Poodle’ or ‘Chelsey Lynn’.

Favorite Hobbys?
Jason – Building Stuff.
Chelsey – Exercising.
Sebastian – Playing with trucks or pretending to be a dog.

Favorite Restaurant?
Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite Book?
Jason – ‘Lord of the Rings’
Chelsey – ‘Living with a Seal’
Sebastian – ‘First 100 Trucks board book’

Favorite Dessert?
Jason – Cake.
Chelsey – Anything with chocolate and peanut butter.
Sebastian – Ice Cream

What do you hope to do more of in the following years?
More dates for Jason and Chelsey without Sebastian!
Tavel the country in a camper.